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Congratulations on passing your Texas real estate exam!  I know you are excited to get started on your new journey as a real estate professional.  Now that you have your real estate license, you are probably thinking "Now What"? 

There are SO MANY things to do to get started in your new career.  My hope is that the list below will help you get started.  You should always start by talking with your broker or manager to find out what is expected by your specific office, as your specific situation may be different.


Some of the first things you must do are not specific to real estate, but must be completed. 

Completing your new hire paperwork which could include tax forms, office policies, and more.

Setting up your technology such as your company email address, voicemail, and office specific apps and programs

Ordering your business cards, name tags, and other office supply items


Some other things you must do include more real estate specific items.

Joining the local/state/national board of REALTORS

Scheduling and completing any mandatory training classes to be a REALTOR

Schedule and complete mandatory office training for your brokerage

Download recommended real estate specific apps/programs

One on one meeting with your broker/manager to ensure all office paperwork and technology are set up and working.  You may need more than one meeting to get familiar with all of the office processes and tools.


Start working on your “money making activities”

Make a list of people you should contact to announce your new career

Schedule meetings with vendor partners your broker recommends

Attend and join networking groups such as the local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Lions Club, etc. 

Set up your database and begin lead generation


Don’t forget to do other NON money making activities

Setting a morning routine – scheduling your day

Shadow another agent or a mentor

Write your biography and schedule a photoshoot for your marketing

Create professional social media profiles and/or your website

Begin your marketing efforts

Training:  Read, listen, watch, and learn.  Maybe enroll in additional classes.

Create programs to help you stay in touch with your leads, customers, and clients


What no one ever tells you

One of the most important things that people don’t tell you is that you are now a self-employed business owner.  That means you have many other things to learn and do other than sell homes.  Depending on the tools offered (or not) by your brokerage – you will likely have to “wear a lot of hats” like many other small business owners.  You are now in charge of your businesses:

Marketing and Sales

Customer Service


Training / HR

Accounting / Finance / Taxes

Contracts / Compliance

Research & Development


Operations Management / General Management



I hope this information is helpful to get you started.  Click here to learn more about the opportunities available with the North Texas Top Team, REALTORS.

Good luck in your new career!  I am cheering for you.

Melissa Hailey, Broker