For most people, buying or selling a home is an infrequent transaction with enormous financial and emotional considerations.  Think about it….moving is stressful and emotional. Having a REALTOR® help you with pricing, listing, selling and purchasing a home is important.  Real estate is not entertainment (like you see on HGTV) – it’s major life decisions.  Having inaccurate information or incorrect “value estimates” on websites creates confusion about what’s really happening in a market.

We understand that serious consumers want the real facts about their real estate market.

But searching for homes and researching the market is just the beginning. Market conditions vary from city-to-city and neighborhood-to-neighborhood. So when you are ready to move forward with buying or selling a home, call the North Texas Top Team, REALTORS at 469-759-3899.  We can take the science of real data and apply it to the art of local real estate.

For sellers, we navigate changing markets and help price your home appropriately. We professionally market your home to the highest number of potential buyers, and we give advice and guidance throughout the process.

For buyers, we are an advocate during contract negotiations and we help you navigate the entire process from finding the prefect house, all the way to the first day in a new home.

Ultimately, there is a lot more than a home sale or purchase to consider such as:  Pricing. Negotiations. Offers. Counter-Offers. Contracts. Addenda. Financing. Contingencies. Appraisals. Inspections. Walk Through. Punch Lists….and more.  The list goes on and on and on. Navigating all of this takes skill and determination, and the REALTORS® at the North Texas Top Team are just the folks that can help.

After all, it’s what we do for a living, 24-7, 365.