As REALTORS, we help people through the entire home buying process.  Many times, that includes getting a mortgage.  Here are a few tips from one of our trusted lenders, to ensure a smooth loan process and closing.

You will find that these tips to ensuring a smooth mortgage process mostly include the list of what NOT to do when you are buying a home.  This list includes some of the most common reasons for stress and possible delayed closings due to the mortgage process.

Mortgage Guy with Dollar Sign

  • ·        Don’t move money around until your lender has had an opportunity to review your documentation. (Call them before you transfer funds so they can advise you accordingly).
  • ·        Don’t deposit funds that come from a source other than your paycheck without speaking to your lender first.
  • ·        Don't borrow funds (not even from family).
  • ·        Don't deposit cash on hand, aka "mattress money", or any cash whatsoever.
  • ·        Don't open ANY new credit cards.
  • ·        Don't buy a new car unless you are trading in your current vehicle or a current lease vehicle. 
  • ·        Don't open any new loans or lines of credit.
  • ·        Don’t change jobs, especially if you are changing careers/industries

If you are thinking about doing any of these things, please call your mortgage lender first to avoid unnecessary issues or delays. 

To be clear, we’re not saying you can’t do any of these things. We’re just saying don’t do them without calling the lender first. They can give you advice on how to move forward and what documentation will be required for underwriting.



*Thanks to Mortgage Mark for the great advice and tips on what NOT to do!