Today was a rainy day.  The first cooler-weather day, full of rain, sort of the beginning feeling of Fall here in North Texas this year.  It was exactly the kind of dreary day that makes you want to have soup or other warm/autumn foods.

tomato basil soupOne of my favorite things in the world is the Tomato Basil Soupe at la Madeleine French Bakery.  I love walking into la Madeleine for a lunch with a friend, sitting by the warm fire, and enjoying a cup of soup along with a salad or quiche (sometimes I even get the Chicken Friand or Spinache Pochette, which are both equally amazing).  Of course, you wouldn't want to leave la Madeleine without trying something from their amazing bakery either.

Did you know that their famous Tomato Basil Soupe was created when someone made an inventory mistake?  Apparently, they were supposed to order just 1 case of Roma tomatoes, but instead ordered 10 cases.  Of course, not wanting them to spoil the first executive chef at 
la Madeleine (Remy Schaal) created what would become on of their top selling items.


Whatever the story, or however it came to be, I am just so glad that the Tomato Basil Soupe was created.


Bon Appetit



About the author:

Melissa Hailey is the Broker-Owner of North Texas Top Team, REALTORS in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (and a huge fan of la Madeleine French Bakery restaurants).   Our Team helps home buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants move across North Texas and we connect clients to other great REALTORS across the country.  She is a real estate instructor and coach who loves to see others succeed.  She is a serial volunteer helping others in her community and in her industry.  Connect with her at