thankful blessed wordsIt may have snowed in Amarillo this week, but it’s sunny and in the 60s-70s in the DFW area today.  Make no mistake - it's definitely Spring in Texas.  The flowers are blooming and my seasonal allergies are definitely letting me know!  Spring is a time of renewal, a time to be thankful that things are coming back to life.  As this season moves into full swing in the weeks ahead, here are some things you may be thankful for and ways you can give help others that may be hurting right now.

Health - if you are healthy, be thankful.  There are so many in our midst that have illness as a part of their daily lives.  Of course, some are suffering with Covid-19, but others have afflictions that they have had for much longer than the past few weeks/months of coronavirus.  Be sensitive to the fact that others may not be as fortunate as you….and offer to help if you can.

Family - If your family is healthy and safe, that is a huge blessing.  I know, I know, there are some relatives you really don't want to claim as your own...or you could just be stressed because everyone is home….or that the kids are doing on-line school….but remember family is ALWAYS there for each other. If you know someone who doesn't have family nearby, make sure to check in on them.  They may need help during this time and they don’t have anyone to turn to.  YOU could be their saving grace.  If you know someone who is not as fortunate as you are – maybe their family is fighting for their life right now – reach out with a phone call or text to tell them you are there for them. 

Front-Line Workers – during times like this, during a global pandemic, we should all be thankful for our first responders, our healthcare workers, and even our retail store workers.  They are literally risking their lives by going to work each day to make sure that others are taken care of.  If you know someone who is working in those capacities, say Thank You to them often.


I saw this on social media recently, and I think it’s a good reminder to be thankful and keep things in perspective.

We are all in the same boat. We are NOT all in the same storm.

For some people, it's sprinkling. This is a break. It's a rest. It's a pause. A time to reconnect with family and put priorities in order.

For some, it's a storm. It's scary, maybe even terrifying. It's disruptive and brings with it worry and concern, perhaps some sleepless nights.

For some, it's a Category 5 Hurricane. It's pulling at boards, tearing off the roofs and washing it all out to sea. It's dark and unknown and life changing.

It's not wrong to enjoy the sprinkle or even to quietly endure the storm, because you can. But don't doubt that your neighbor may be in a hurricane and it's very real to them.

Laugh at a meme, but get on your knees for a friend.
Get in someone else's storm and help to calm the winds.
At the end of the day, we are ALL in this together because we are mankind. That very word --"mankind" --- Man and KIND.

Love one another! 💜


I agree.  Love one another.  Stay positive, look for the silver lining, and be a friend to those in need.  We are part of the QuaranTEAM.  We are all in this together.