Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time….a REALTOR decided to write down some of the things that were found in the day to day business of real estate.  Some days were filled with happiness, great deals, and funny events. Other days included hard times, foreclosures, and heartbreaking moments.  These are all true stories. The names have been changed, but the stories are real.


Oh Happy Day

When you first pass that real estate license test, you are SO EXCITED!  After all it was a long road to get here.  Before you can ever help a client, you have quite a process to go through.  You are required to take real estate specific classes such as Law of Agency and Real Estate Finance.  Once completed, you must apply with the state and take your test.  Then you must get your fingerprints done and pass the background check. All of the hard work you have put in studying real estate concepts has finally come to the point of actually getting a real estate license.

So now you have your license!  Are you prepared to help clients?  Absolutely not!  You have learned the abstract concepts of real estate, but have zero practical knowledge.  You have no idea what to do next, so you choose a Broker to work for and do whatever they tell you to do.  Hopefully they point you to some further education and training. Then they point you to your cell phone and say “go find some clients to help.” 

No one tells you about the adventure you are about be on – no one tells you that you may someday help a family with the exciting purchase of their first home, but the next day you may help a grieving family who has lost a loved one and needs to sell the house to pay for the funeral. No one tells you how good it feels to find the perfect house for someone.  No one tells you how sad you will feel when you have to help someone who is facing foreclosure.  No one tells you that buying or selling a house can make a sane person make crazy decisions.  That, my friends, is what Single Stories is all about.  It’s a collection of single stories about what happens in the life of a Realtor.


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