Cat on a Leash

Just when you think you have seen everything….you see a lady walking her cat on a leash.  We went to meet with the sellers, they wanted to sell their home in Plano.  We got the paperwork completed, had the professional photos done, and put the house into the MLS.  We hosted our first open house that weekend.  While we were there at the house, we saw out the window there was a woman walking down the sidewalk.  At first glance, it was no big deal.  However, a double-take revealed that she was walking her cat on a leash down the street. One of the people attending the open house had just pulled up, so when they entered the house of course they commented on the sight.  Since we didn’t know the neighbor personally, or which house was hers, we just decided how cool it was to be in a neighborhood with a cat walker! 😻  About a half-hour later as we locked up the open house, we saw the cat walker again.  This time, we were headed to the car with the signs so we stopped to chat with her.  She lived just down the street and she was out on a walk with her other cat.  She owned 2 cats, and walked them both on a leash in the neighborhood.  However, she couldn’t walk them both together so she walked them both by themselves every day.  She was very nice to visit with us about her cats and how much she loved her neighborhood.

This just qualifies as one of the funniest things we have ever seen while hosting an open house….but there is more to the story, so read on.

After a week or so on the market, we received multiple offers from home buyers who were interested in buying this lovely home.  Not all of the home buyers had attended out open house.  Several of the home buyers wrote a note to the seller about how they hoped that the seller would choose their offer.  One of the potential buyers wrote a note about how they saw themselves living in the neighborhood, walking their dogs and watching their children play with the other kids on the street.  They even mentioned how they saw kids playing on the sidewalk when they viewed the house.  The problem for the sellers was that there were no homes with small children on their block.  When the sellers read that note from that buyer, they felt that the buyer may have confused their home with another they had viewed.  In fact, the seller said “if they had mentioned they saw the woman walking her cat, then we would know they were at the right house.”  The sellers felt the buyer’s note was not genuine.  Apparently the sellers knew their neighborhood well…and the potential buyer did not.  When the sellers decided an offer to accept, they did not choose the buyer who had the wrong facts about the neighborhood.


This post is part of our "Single Stories" series. All of our stories are true, but the names have been changed to protect our clients.  Want to read more stories about the life of a REALTOR and what to do or not to do when buying or selling a home?  Follow our blog to read more at