Buy a house for $1000

One of the best parts about being a REALTOR is helping first time home buyers get into a place they can call home.  It’s the American Dream.  Owning your own home, building a community with your neighbors, giving stability to your children, and creating wealth and equity.  This is what we love.  It’s why we do what we do.

Currently, the real estate market is a hot seller’s market.  In fact, it’s been a seller’s market for several years.  Home buyers have been paying top dollar to purchase a home.  Some home buyers have even spent thousands of dollars above the listing price in order to be the winning bidder when there were multiple buyers interested in a house.  That’s why this story is so cool.  This home buyer got to buy his dream home – and he bought it without breaking the bank!

Meet Danny.  He is a first time home buyer. He is a single dad with 3 children.  Danny wanted to raise his children in a community where they would know their neighbors.  He was looking for a home in a quiet community away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  He was looking for the perfect home – the kind you can just move right into.

Danny trusted us to help guide him to the perfect town, one just on the outskirts of the big city. He wanted a town that had schools large enough to have exciting extracurricular programs for the kids, but small enough that he would know all of the other parents.  He found what he was looking for in Farmersville, Texas.  Danny needed the perfect house.  He needed enough space for the kids to grow.  He wanted a neighborhood where the kids could play.  We helped him find the perfect house, a brand new home built by Camden Homes.  Using some great negotiation skills, we helped him get an amazing sales price for his new house.  However, the best part about it all, is that due to our knowledge of the mortgage options available, we helped him buy the house with no down payment AND with closing cost assistance.  The entire amount of money Danny needed to buy his new house was only $1,000.  That meant that Danny would have more cash available to pay for the actual move and to spend on his kids. 

Danny and the kids have moved into their brand new house.  They love the neighborhood. They love it that they live just a few minutes from the lake. They love it that we helped them buy a house for only $1,000 out of pocket!


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