We don’t always have the energy to clean out every closet, paint a bedroom, or do lawn work. While I’ve been sheltering-in-place I have found that I really enjoy creating mood boards. This has been allowing me to organize my thoughts on where I want to take the design of our home. You can do this for your whole house, a nursery if you’re expecting a baby, your living room, organization systems… this list literally can go on forever.


Our guest room is really just a “mixed-use” space. It’s not much of a guest room, but more a tv room with my office in the corner. I have been wanting to redo this room for quite some time. One day I was exploring through furniture stores online and I just got overwhelmed. I couldn’t put all these different pieces of furniture and decor in my head together. The best solution I found was to take photos of these items and put them together on a mood board. Now, you can do this in a number of ways. I use the website Canva.com. You can print the images out and tape them on a piece of paper, or you can even copy and paste the images into a Word Document. The point is to get all your thoughts on one space so you can visually put together your new design for your room. Pinterest is also a really great resource for this kind of project! 


I’ve started mood boards for all the rooms in our house. With the help of my boyfriend we are starting to layout our specific taste and what we think will work best for us. This is a fun project to do just to pass the time or a great starting point for when you get serious about redesigning your home. 


Happy designing! 


About the Author:


Taylor Redfearn joins our team with 5 years of multi-family property management experience. Her attention to detail and event planning skills are a perfect fit for our client-appreciation parties.  Her can-do attitude, and passion to help others makes her a great Client Care Coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her garden and listening to music.