Here it is… the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The time to get all the closets in our homes cleaned out! Remember thinking, “I just don’t have time for that”? Well, now you do. 


Organizing does not have to be painful. Actually, quite the opposite. Doing what works best for you to “get in the zone” is key. For me, it’s playing records with all the windows open on a bright weekend morning. Here are a few home-organization projects you can tackle: 


Clean out your closets. You will be so satisfied when you open the linen closet and everything is folded to perfection. Trust me, it’s the best feeling in the world. 


Go through old clothes. You don’t need that old sweater you wore 1,000 times in college. Like Elsa from Frozen once sang, “let it gooo”. I get it. Getting rid of clothes can be hard, but it feels great once you’re done! Organizing your closet when you’re at it can be helpful as well. 


Get your spice cabinet in order. Where is that garlic powder you’re 100% sure you bought just 2 months ago? Oh, it’s there. You just can’t find it! Pull all your spices out of your pantry or cabinet. Wipe down the bottoms of the cabinet in case anything accidentally spilled out. Put everything back in how you’d like for it to be organized. I have all my salts and peppers together, then my herbs, then my spices in order by type. Your spices have never looked so good and organized. 


Oh, and don’t forget your garage. Every person’s garage looks different. You may have tools, a fridge, lawn and garden supplies. Whatever the method to your madness here is, don’t forget to sweep the floors! 


Feeling motivated? Me too! Together we will get through this. We are rooting for you on whatever project you’ve chosen to take on. Remember it’s okay to take it easy every once and awhile. Be kind to yourself and others. You’re doing great.



About the Author:


Taylor Redfearn joins our team with 5 years of multi-family property management experience. Her attention to detail and event planning skills are a perfect fit for our client-appreciation parties.  Her can-do attitude, and passion to help others makes her a great Client Care Coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her garden and listening to music.