The North Texas Top Team's Spirit Award Winner!!!

Luke Dyer REALTOR®


“The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” - John D. Rockefeller


Luke Dyer believes in the philosophy of growth and hitting the jackpot with every transaction he has put under his arms.


Dynamic is how you describe Luke Dyer. He is hands-on, unafraid and dauntingly aggressive for the objectives he has set to achieve. A master of caps, Luke has served in other professional fields.


The always-friendly Luke worked as a manual therapist primarily dealing with clients with fibromyalgia, insomnia, and chronic muscle pain. Through the experience, he is able to identify any client’s needs through his active listening skills. He is staunch believer of the magic in human connections and will derive pleasure in ensuring convenience and transparency in every transaction.


Luke is The North Texas Top Team’s 2021 Spirit Award winner! Luke is aligned with our team values. He is always building our team up, and encouraging everyone! Luke is a joy to work with and we are very excited to have him on the team!