Moving can be stressful....for everyone involved.  Depending on the age of your children, you may want to include them in the moving process.   Talk about the things they want in their new house....what toys they might want to bring, what color they might want their room to be, or what new adventures await them during or after the move. 


Let them get involved.  While your kids may not be the best "helpers" when cleaning up the house to show it, they can still help bring their toys to you to put away.  Once your home is under contract and it's time to pack, they could help you pack some things that are not fragile (think pots & pans, metal or plastic utensils, or toys).  If you color code your packing tape, they can even help you mark a box or two.



Plan ahead for moving day.  You might want to pack a box of things to keep the kids busy on moving day.  Consider packing a box with a few favorite toys or games (or maybe coloring books, stickers, craft items) and labeling the box as a "Special Delivery". When you first arrive at the home, find a quiet place for the kids to play (maybe one of the bedrooms or even a large closet where they can spread out, or in their new backyard if the weather is nice).  Then hand their "Special Delivery" to them and let them play while the moving truck is being unloaded. 


Family, it's what makes a house a home.  Remind them that what makes a "house" a "home" is the people that are there, not the actual building.  You will be on this new adventure together - and enjoy making your new place your new home!


If you want more information about making a move when you have kids, you may like our post about selling a house when you have kids.

We hope these life hacks are helpful to you as you plan your next move.  Good luck on your next move!



About the author:

Melissa Hailey is the Broker-Owner of North Texas Top Team, REALTORS in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Our Team helps home buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants move across North Texas and we connect clients to other great REALTORS across the country.  She is a real estate instructor and coach who loves to see others succeed.  She is a serial volunteer helping others in her community and in her industry.  Connect with her at