Are you planning a move this year? If so, these packing tips could save you time and money on your move.


Plan ahead.
Develop a master to-do list so you won’t forget something critical heading into moving day. Include an estimate of moving time and costs, storage costs, and helpers that are willing to participate.

Discard items you no longer want or need.
Ask yourself how frequently you use an item and how you’d feel if you no longer had it. Sort unwanted items into “garage sale,” “donate, and recycle” piles. Then pack the rest!

Pack similar items together.
It will make your life easier when it's time to unpack.

Decide what you want to move on your own.
Precious items such as family photos, valuable breakables, or must-haves during the move should probably stay with you. Pack a moving day bag with a small first-aid kit, snacks, and other items you may need before unpacking your “Open First” box.

Put heavy items in small boxes.
Try to keep the weight of each box under 50 pounds. Don't over pack the boxes either. If so, the boses may break.

Wrap fragile items separately.
Pad bottoms and sides of boxes and, if necessary, purchase bubble-wrap or other packing materials from moving stores. Secure plants in boxes with air holes.

Label every box on all sides.
You never know how they’ll be stacked. Also, use color-coded labels to indicate which room each box should go in, coordinating with a color-coded floor plan for the movers. Consider using color-coded packing tape for the boxes as well.

Color coded packing tape

Keep moving documents together in a file, either in your moving day bag or online.
Include vital contact information, the driver’s name, the van’s license plate, and the company’s number. Also keep any important contact information for the Realtor, and the utility service providers. Consider printing out a map and directions for movers and helpers too.


Inspect each box and piece of furniture as soon as it arrives.
Ahead of time, ensure your moving company has a relatively painless process for reporting damages.


Good luck on your move!