It's a great idea to do a regular check up on your home, and make sure everything continues to be in good working order. A good way to stay on top of the maintenance is to create a calendar. Here are a few suggestions to take a look out through out the year.

One thing, you should do every month is change the A/C filter.  


1.      Gutters

Clean out your gutters! It is a great idea to do this early in the Spring before the shower season starts.

2.      Seals

Check the seals around your doors, and windows. This is important to keep the warmer air out of the home, and to keep unwanted pests out.

3.      Chimney

Now, that you are done with the fire place, give it a good sweep.

4.      Air Conditioner

Give your air conditioner a checkup, you may want someone to do a quick inspection before the summer heat hits. That way you can address any issues before it is 100 degrees outside!

5.      Roof

Have you roof inspected before the rainy season hits, to catch any small issues before they become large issues.



1.      Pest Control

Upkeep that pest management! You may want to consider a quarterly pest control visit, or having a professional inspect the property. They can make recommendations on how often your home and yard should be treated based on their evaluation.

2.      Pool

Keeping the pool cleaned out, is a yearly chore, if you have a pool.

3.      Foundation

You can also choose to have the foundation inspected during the warmer seasons.


1.      Gutters

   Check the gutters before the cold season hits for any objects that could clog them up in the winter.

2.      Pipes

  Check the pipes, make sure they are in good working condition before the cold.



1.      Check the seals

Check for any cracks in the seals around your home. These may let in the cold during the winter months.

2.      Heater

        Check your heater is in good working order before the cold hits.