Realtor Logo with MLS logo and Equal Housing LogoSo, you think you may want to become a real estate agent.  I get asked quite often about what it takes to become a real estate agent in North Texas. Here is some helpful information about the steps to becoming a REALTOR in Texas. 


How do you become a Texas REALTOR?

Step 1
You must take the real estate pre-license classes.  My recommendation is to go through a company that has instructor-led classes (some are on-line as well as in-person).  There are cheaper options that provide on-line self-paced classes, however many people struggle because there is no one to ask when you have a question.  Whatever you do, I recommend taking some sort of "test prep" class before taking the test.


Step 2
You need to get fingerprinted and get the FBI background check.  Many times people get this done toward the end of their pre-license education.  You should do this before you actually take the test. 

**Note: If you are concerned that your background check may not be approved, you can file for a "fitness determination" with the Texas Real Estate Commission before you ever start your pre-license education.  That way you can determine that you will be eligible before spending your time and money on the education classes.


Step 3
After completing the classes, and passing your background check, you can apply with the Texas Real Estate Commission to get a license.  They will issue you an "inactive" license.


Step 4
After you complete the items above,
you must take the Real Estate License Exam.  The test is pretty long and you have to take it at a facility with a proctor.  The test includes both the state and national exam questions. You must have approval from the Texas Real Estate Commission before scheduling your test.


Step 5
You need to choose a broker to sponsor you.  Once you have a broker, you can "activate" your license.


Step 6
Your broker will help you join the REALTOR Association so that you can start working.


How much does it cost to become a Texas REALTOR?

Please note that these estimates are for the North Texas area, prices could be different depending on your location.

Pre-license classes:  $500 - $1000 depending on what education provider you choose.  Most providers have a package of all needed classes at a bundled price.

License fees (test, fingerprints, TREC application):  Approximately $300 - $350 for these items combined.  This is a 1-time cost at sign-up.

REALTOR Association sign-up fee:  $100 - $150 plus pro-rated part of dues shown below

REALTOR Association dues (annually): $450 - $500 REALTOR dues, $450 - $500 MLS dues, $200 - $225 Lockbox Access

Brokerage fees:  Generally, brokerage monthly fees are around $125-225 per month ($1500-2000 per year)


What about renewing my Texas real estate license?

Each licensed agent in Texas must renew their license every 2 years.  There are continuing education requirements that must be met before submitting your renewal application to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Continuing Education Required:
Your first renewal period, you are required to take SAE (Salesperson Apprentice Education). There are specific classes that are required, then you can choose your elective class topics to complete your education.  Please note that SAE classes are always provided as 30-hour classes.  You cannot take multiple shorter classes in lieu of the 30-hour SAE classes.  

For all future license renewals, you will take CE (Continuing Education).  Generally speaking, there are less CE classroom hours required to renew a license than when you took your SAE classes.  There are specific classes that are required, then you can choose your elective class topics to complete your education requirements.

Costs of classes vary (based on subject matter and who the class provider is), plus there is a renewal fee to TREC.  The first 2-year renewal is more expensive than later renewals because you need more education class hours during the first 2 years of your license.


I hope this information is helpful to you as you begin your journey to getting a real estate license in Texas.  If you would like more information, or if you would like to learn more about working with our brokerage, please email Melissa Hailey.


*please note, the prices noted in this blog post are subject to change based on your location and future price increases