How do you build your business?  Where can you get more leads from?  No matter what you are selling – Real Estate included – these are some ways to get started.

Your Sphere of Influence

Your sphere of influence (SOI) is always the fastest way to generate new business.  Every salesperson has a network of people who know/like/trust them, and the key is to get the people in your network to send people that they know to you for business.  The goal is NOT to get your SOI to all buy a home from you….it’s just to get them to connect you to the people that they know. 

Here are some ways to reach out and stay connected to your SOI:

  •    phone call or text or email

  •    social media posts, comments, or direct message

  •    social media targeted ads (posts just being shown to people you know)

  •    mail letter/postcard

  •    in-person (coffee, lunch, meeting, party, other event)

If you are wondering who is in your SOI - think about these people:  family, friends, co-workers, people from church/gym/school, teachers, friends parents, past-clients, hairdresser, auto-mechanic, financial planner, distant relatives, social media acquaintances, dentist/doctor and their staff, etc 

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising/marketing is always another key concept for lead generation.  Start telling everyone (whether you know them or not) that you can help them solve the problem they have.  In the case of real estate, we are helping to solve their housing problem.  

Here are some advertising options:

  •    Social media posts (free)

    • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat

  •    Search engine posts (free)

    • Google, YouTube, Bing - these may be blogs or vlogs

  •    Social media ads (cost)

  •    Other internet ads such as Google/Bing

  •    Direct mail (postcards, letters, coupons)

  •    Radio, TV, Billboard (small or large), or Newspaper ads

  •    Hand-delivered flyers

  •    Trade show booths

  •    Local sponsorships (sponsor little league or other local group or event)

  •    Partner marketing with another business (cross promotion) 

Feed Your Database

Increase your SOI.  The more people you connect with, the more you can build any type of business.  (see item #1 above)    Someone once told me that if I gave someone money I should also give them my business cardHere are some places to go and meet new people:

  •    Chamber of Commerce

  •    Sports and hobbies (who do you know at the gym or other place you frequent)

  •    Join the PTA or other kid-centric organization (meet the parents)

  •    Volunteer (let people get to know your work ethic while finding common ground)

  •    B2B Networking groups (these usually have a cost involved)

  •    Religious organizations

  •    Other locations that you frequently visit (who is your barber, server/bartender, etc)

 When we talk about feeding your database, it’s all about meeting new people.  One of my favorite quotes is “Suit up and show up” and that’s exactly what it will take to expand your network of people.

It’s all about Relationships

All sales positions are relationship based.  Real estate is no different – it’s still a relationship business where we happen to sell houses.  People always like to do business with people that they know, like, and trust, especially when it involves a large financial purchase such as a house.

Know:  It all starts with having something in common (like working out, kids, your hobbies).  The more time you spend with those people you have things in common with, the more of a relationship you build.  That relationship turns into business over time.

Like:  People that like you will do business with you.  Are you likeable?   Keep a positive mindset.  Be prepared.  Be prompt.  Care about other’s needs and really listen to them.  Be helpful.

Trust:  Trust happens when your words and actions align.  Every time you tell someone that you will do something, make sure to do it.  That builds trust.  If you say you will call them next week, then make the call.  When you don’t do what you say you are going to do that breaks trust.  Be honest and truthful.  Be trustworthy. 

I’m going to add one more to this list with regards to real estate. 

Knowledgeable:  It is SO important that you understand the very complicated process of the sale of a home.  Understanding the contract is paramount.  Knowing what is happening in the ever-changing market is important. Being able to negotiate on your client’s behalf is crucial. You MUST be able to give the consumer the information they need to make the most informed decision for their specific situation.  The consumer deserves it….and your fiduciary relationship demands it.  If you don’t have the knowledge yet – find a mentor, broker, trainer, seasoned agent. Get the knowledge you need so that you can continue to build trust and grow your future business.



Author:  Melissa Hailey, CEO Agent Advantage Coaching & Training Originally written 6/30/22