Are you planning to launch a home-based business? Before you get to work, you’ll need a home office where you can enjoy unbroken concentration. Whether you’re interested in looking for a new home with the help of the realtors at North Texas Top Team, or you’d like to remodel a spare bedroom into a workspace, these guidelines will help you design a home office space that will allow you to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur! 


House Hunting


If you’ve been thinking about moving into a larger home, and you’ve realized that you’ll need more space to accommodate your business, it’s time to start house hunting! Consider purchasing a bank-owned or foreclosed home to save money — you can invest those excess funds back into your business.


If you decide to buy a foreclosed home, make sure that you understand the home’s limitations, move forward with a home inspection, and get pre-approved before making an offer. In addition, it’s best to work with a real estate agent who has helped clients buy foreclosed homes before.


Constructing New Space


Perhaps you’re happy with your current home but you simply don’t have any extra space to transform into an office. The remedy: Constructing an additional space! If you have a backyard, you might want to put up a shed and choose an appropriate heating system to keep it toasty in the cooler months. Alternatively, you may have the savings to build an addition on to your home.


Essential Furniture


Finally, you’ve selected the right space for your home office, and now it’s time to furnish it. First, you’ll need to invest in a desk that fits the size of your office space. A writing desk is a good choice for small offices, while a U-shaped desk will be great for larger workspaces. Test out a few different office chairs to find one that feels comfortable for your back, neck, and shoulders.


Once you put together your new desk, come up with a basic organizational system to keep your office clean from day one. Business Know-How recommends keeping office supplies in your desk drawers and installing floating shelves or a book shelf for extra storage space. 


Time for New Tech


Now that you’ve set up your desk and chair and organized your supplies, you’re ready to purchase a monitor that will help you work more efficiently. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to shop smart! CNET recommends getting the largest monitor that you have space for; you might struggle to work with a small screen, and a large monitor will be more convenient.


Starting Your Business


Once you’ve outfitted your space, it’s time to officially form your business entity! To get started, you’ll need to make sure that the name you plan to use for your business is not already in use. You’ll also want to research the filing fees and other requirements in your state. Once you have gathered all of the necessary documents, you’ll need to submit these items, pay your fees, and be patient - your days as an entrepreneur are just beginning!


When switching from working in a cubicle at your employer’s office to running your own home-based business, you might find yourself craving privacy and order. Finding a space for your home office is the simplest solution to your remote work woes. As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing better than having a clean, quiet workspace all to yourself!


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Photo via Pixabay

Article written by: Lisa Walker