Jami Mumley - REALTOR®

 With 20 years experience in marketing and sales, Jami brings her expertise to Real Estate. Her attention to detail and client-focused sales approach make her the perfect choice for helping you and your next real estate venture.

Follow her story as she helps her client navigate the seller's market:

Even in the current crazy seller's market, getting a home under contract & to closing isn't as simple as one may think... Mike, the former owner of this property (and a first-time seller) was referred to me by a past client (I 💗 referrals!).

Within a few days of marketing his property, we had multiple offers. After reviewing the terms of each and walking him through the pros/cons, Mike chose one and we executed the contract. 2 days later, the "chosen" buyer decided he was allergic to the attic insulation and terminated.
So, back on the market we went.

After a few more days on the market, once again we had multiple offers. Mike trusted my guidance and we countered one of the offers to insure we were minimizing Mike's risk while maximizing his proceeds for the sale. This time, we made it to the closing table (had to navigate a few road blocks along the way) and Mike's home set a record high sale price for his neighborhood. 🥳🍾

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