During the shelter-in-place orders in North Texas, the REALTORS and staff at North Texas Top Team are staying busy.  Our office is open!  We have had a virtual office for many years – so our Team has not had to make many changes to our office structure.  Working with clients has changed.  We are not hosting open houses. Showing homes has changed, and we have solutions available for people to view homes remotely/virtually. 

As we are staying busy, some of what we are doing is helping clients, while other things we are doing is to help our families and our communities.  Here is a glimpse into the life of a REALTOR during the Stay at Home orders due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus:


Jami MumleyJami Mumley
Jami has been a busy lady!  Work-wise, she has been following up with past & current clients to see how they are doing and if there is anything they need.  I’ve also been doing buying consultations via Zoom and am working on some continuing education online.” 

Not only has she been working, she has been active in helping her community.  We’ve been ordering

 take-out a couple of times a week from local restaurants and I volunteered to help distribute food at Feed Lake Highlands last week.”   She is also posting on social media about local businesses and sharing ways for others in the community to support them.


As a triathlete, Jami has been running at White Rock Lake and riding her bike on the trainer in the garage. Partly to stay in shape, and partly to keep her sanity.


Taylor RedfearnTaylor Redfearn
Taylor has been getting a lot of projects completed around her house.  Her main focus has been to stay positive during all of the changes that Covid-19 has brought to our world.  She knows that adapting to a garden"new normal" is never easy, but making the best of the situation definitely helps. “I try not to dwell on what we are missing out on by staying home, but rather all the things I get to do by staying home. I've been able to start a garden that I've been meaning to do for two years. I've cleaned out every closet in our home and even started putting our guest bedroom together. It feels like this is a break from normal life so we can focus on ourselves and our families.”  Her positive outlook on life is helping her to adjust to the new normal.


Melissa and StanleyMelissa Hailey
Melissa says she has been hanging out with family more.  Melissa and Stanley have 6 kids and 2 grandkids.  Part of their Coronavirus Stay at Home orders have been spent watching the 2 grandkids while Alice finished some on-line school work.  We went outside, we played games, we had a dance party, we baked cupcakes, and we learned all about Noggin kids shows.”  

Melissa has also been getting a lot of work done.  She has created video walk through tours for listings, negotiated contracts, and even listed 2 new homes.  Not only that, she has spent time teaching REALTORS across North Texas via Zoom in several classes.  She said “Teaching adult learners for 8 hours a day is much easier when you have energy in the classroom. Zoom is great, but I don’t usually use that many power point slides.


Corbin JacksonCorbin Jackson
Corbin says he has been helping others. He has been motivated and working hard. “I would say just making sure our clients are taken care of by asking if they need anything specific that I could deliver to them.”

He is also cooking more.  He and his girlfriend are trying new recipes and enjoying more at home date nights.



We hope that you (and your family) are adjusting well to your “new normal.”  We hope that you are healthy and that you have found new ways to stay connected to friends and family.  If you have a need, reach out and let us know.  Our agents are happy to help support your family, your neighborhood, your local business.  We are in this together!