Top 7 reasons to buy a NEW home


Have you ever thought about buying a brand new home?  Not just a “new to you” home, but a brand-new, no-one-ever-lived-in-it-before home.  There are some great benefits to building a home or buying a “spec” home that a builder has already started.  Let’s look at a few of the benefits.


  1. Design

When you build a brand new construction home you have the ability to pick and choose the design elements that you want in your next home.  However, even if you choose to buy a home from a builder that is already partially or completely built (sometimes called a spec home) you still get the benefit of the latest in design trends.  The builder may have chosen the colors, cabinets, flooring – but rest assured it will be the most current trends in homes.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Today home builders are more energy conscious than in years past.  Part of that is due to building codes and ordinances, and partially because consumers are asking for more energy efficiency in their homes.  This could be anything from additional insulation, energy-star rated appliances, low-e windows, and more.  Homes that are newer could even have energy ratings through The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index from Resnet.  

  1. Maintenance

Newer homes need less maintenance. Since everything is new in the home, there should not be any major system repairs needed.  In fact, during the first year you own your home the builder may possibly assist with some general maintenance/warranty issues.  You will still want to perform regular maintenance items such as changing your air filters, smoke detector batteries, and caring for your landscaping and foundation.

  1. Personalization/Customization

You have the ability to choose the lot that you want, the floor plan that works best for you, and all of your design elements during the new construction/home building process.  Pick a corner lot, choose a larger lot, or maybe you like interior lots near a neighborhood park.  Then look for the floor plan that fits your lifestyle, the builder may also have available modifications to that floor plan.  Once you are under contract to build, you will meet with a designer for a consultation at the design center where you can choose the counter tops, cabinets, flooring, faucets, fixtures, paint colors, and more. The choices are completely up to you.

  1. Warranty

Most home builders provide a minimum of a 1 year warranty that covers materials and workmanship, and some even provide a 2 year warranty for those items.  However, various specific warranties carry even further than the “bumper to bumper” type warranty you get in the beginning.  For example, the foundation and structural components usually have a 10 year warranty.  Additionally, all of the major components come with separate manufacturer warranties.  This means that your water heater, HVAC system, windows, and appliances all have their own specific warranty timelines.  If you would rather have an extended warranty on everything in one place you could also consider getting a Residential Service Contract from a company like OneGuard Home Warranty, Fidelity Home Warranty, or another company like them.

  1. Neighborhood Amenities

Most new construction neighborhoods in today’s real estate market include some pretty great neighborhood amenities.  You may find neighborhood parks, trails, playgrounds, and green spaces.  Some neighborhoods also have community pools, splash parks, meeting/party rooms, amphitheaters, or other amenity centers. You might even find sport courts such as basketball or volleyball courts depending on the neighborhood development design.

  1. Location

You will find that many new construction neighborhoods are located just outside of the hustle and bustle of the bigger city.  This could mean less traffic, more sense of community, and retail and other nearby stores are likely also newer.  However, sometimes you will find small pockets of development within the larger more established communities too.  Depending on the wants and needs of your lifestyle, you can find a location that suits you best.  After all one of the most important rules of real estate is location, location, location.


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