6 reasons to buy a home infographic

6 Reasons to Buy a Home


Everyone could use a little more happiness in their life.  J  You can fix it up the way you want it, you can plant a garden or plant a tree, and you can improve your house to be YOUR dream home!  Home really can be your happy place.

Tax Savings

You may be able to write off the interest paid on your mortgage, additionally there could be other tax credits for eco-friendly home improvements.  Either way, this equals money saved!


Over time, home prices have always increased.  While home values do go up and down (like the stock market, but less volatile) but over time prices have historically risen.  When you sell or refinance your home, you will reap the benefits of the higher home values.


Not only does your home value appreciate, you are also building equity with every house payment made.  As the principal balance owed goes down and the value goes up, your equity grows.  This is the BEST way to build wealth over time.


Most home owners stay in their home much longer than a renter.  This allows you to connect with your neighbors which builds a stronger community.  The stronger the community, the more value you will find in your neighborhood.


Research shows that children with stability in their home get higher test scores and graduate at a higher rate.  Even if you don’t have students living in your home, this benefits all of the residents in the neighborhood because this too builds a stronger community.